Adult Roller Hockey: Finding the Right League for You

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Adult Roller Hockey: Finding the Right League for You

A large portion of the adults that join leagues at local sports facilities are former athletes looking to remain involved with sport X and stay in shape. But there are also many individuals who are far removed or have no real background in sport X (or perhaps any sport) but are looking to be more active and perhaps try something new.

The fall session is well underway, but our winter session registration is just around the corner! So, for those of you thinking about picking up a stick and throwing on the ol’ roller blades but just aren’t sure which league best suites you, here is a breakdown of the players each league is geared towards and what you can expect.

Foil leagues are designed for the beginner hockey player. These leagues (offered Sunday, Monday, and Thursday) are perfect if you have little to no previous playing experience and are looking to try something new!

Our Tin league, offered on Thursdays, is a step up from Foil and geared toward the novice player with some recreational playing experience. “Lower-tiered” Copper players may be allowed to play in this league with prior approval from  a league director.

The Sunday Iron league is great for the “in between” or intermediate player not quite ready for a high level of competition.

Tuesday Copper is a step up from Iron for players with intermediate skill abilities looking for a more challenging league.

Bronze leagues, offered on Sundays, are for experienced teams/players only. Silver and Gold players may be allowed to  play in this league with prior approval from a league director.

The Monday Gold league is for accomplished, experienced players with advanced skills who have played at a high level of competition for some time. This league is the highest level offered at Total Roller Hockey.

Lastly, our 30+ leagues with Sunday and Wednesday options, is for players 30 and over (for 2014 Fall leagues, players must have their 30th birthday in 2014). There is an elite division for the self-forming top teams, and a competitive division for the self-forming competitive teams.

All Total Roller Hockey leagues are open to both men and women, and with the exception of the 30+ leagues, all adult leagues are for ages 18 and up. Any player younger than 18, must receive approval from the staff.

In 2002, after five years of operation, Total Sports added two sport court hockey rinks at its then sole location in Wixom. As both roller hockey and soccer grew, Total Roller Hockey moved to what is now Total Sports’ boarded soccer facility before relocating, again, in 2008 to its current location and long-term home across from the Suburban Collection Showcase Center in Novi.

For more information or to register for any of our adult or youth roller hockey leagues, stop in or call Total Roller hockey today.

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