Iron Body

Iron Body Class is designed to give you top notch metabolic conditioning to get you in the best shape of your life. This class is for all levels of individuals looking to get fit. Iron Body Class uses a CrossFit style of conditioning with some modifications to eliminate many of the risks of injury commonly associated with that type of training. In addition to the great conditioning workouts Iron Body Class includes monthly accountability measurements and continual diet guidance as well as a Healthy Eating Guide.

In an effort to reduce the risk of injury the workout templates for class are simple, not easy. Iron Body Class uses 3 different structured styles of workout templates:

IB31: Timed- Sled pushes, Burpees, battle ropes, etc. Basically low skill, low risk exercises done with an emphasis on completing the workout in the fastest time you physically are able.

2: Block- Mix of sleds, ropes, hammers, IB21Kettlebells and barbells. Essentially a weight and conditioning circuit done at your own pace with a focus on form and developing a larger work capacity. Block style workouts focus on increasing workout density. (Workout density: the ability to complete more sets/reps/total weight lifted within a given time frame).

IB13: Strength- Barbell Squats, Deadlifts, Pressing, Lunges, pull-ups, etc. Focus is on increasing  strength and getting more efficient, better movement patterns at a much slower pace relative to the timed and block style workouts.

The combination of theses 3 templates delivers a huge challenge and great results. There is no Olympic Lifting in these classes. Taking out the high rep Olympic Lifts and separating these 3 types of workouts drastically reduces the risk of injury while still delivering a fantastic metabolic workout to transform your body.