From The Diamond – “I Just Want To Get Better”

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Susanne Salewski, a 33 year old women from Germany, stepped foot into Total Softball a little over a year ago. In that year she has worked just as hard as any of the girls that has stepped foot into the building to try and achieve their softball dreams. Susanne plays summer ball for a 18 and over league in Germany and wanted to improve her skills, especially pitching and hitting. She signed up and took pitching lessons from Jess, and hitting lessons from Don. She participated in the All-American Camp mainly designed for girls anywhere from the ages of 8-18. Sure, people may have been a little surprised as she came strolling into the Total Softball tunnels with her bat and glove…but they sure did look at her differently afterwards. You know Susanne worked as hard as she could every lessons with the beads of sweat pouring down her face after the half hour. All she wanted to do was learn, practice, and improve. Susanne has now ventured back to Germany and has already started practicing with her team. She has taught us that no matter how old you are, if you have a dream or goal to GO FOR IT! The Total Softball Staff wishes her the best of luck! Here’s a picture of Bill, Jess (wearing Susanne’s jersey), Susanne, and Donny on her last day of lessons.



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