Total Roller Hockey — Leagues







Youth Leagues:

Chipmunk – Ages 3-6yrs (no skates)

Mini Mite – Ages 3-6yrs

Atom – Ages 6-8yrs

Mites – Ages 9-10yrs

Squirt – Ages 11-12yrs

Pee Wee – Ages 13-14yrs

Bantam/Junior – Ages 15-17yrs

Adult Leagues:

Listed from competitive to beginner

Leagues with two days,  second day is secondary.

Gold- Mondays

Bronze- Sundays

Copper- Tuesdays


30+ -Wednesdays

Tin-Thursdays/ Sundays

30+ -Sundays

Foil- Mondays

Foil- Fridays

Foil- Thursdays/Sundays

Foil- Sundays