Important Notice Wixom Parking Sunday March 16

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Dear Total Sports Wixom Patrons,

On March 16th Total Sports Wixom will be at Full Capacity. As always we greatly appreciate all your patience and cooperation but specifically that day. We will have the Wixom Police Dept stationed at the Wixom Rd traffic light to help move traffic as efficiently as possible. Per the above please keep in mind to make your visit to Total Sports Wixom that day as simple as possible: come in for the game/event – and then leave once the game/event is over.

And going forward in the midst of our harsh Michigan winter – customer safety is our main focus – please read the following in order to keep everyone SAFE.Please do not park/stand along the building in no parking/standing areas as this is for emergency vehicles only. (this includes the North Side and West side doors). If you are picking up your child please wait in a parking spot until their time to come out, then proceed to the front or side doors. We will allow time for pick up only, like the airports. If you are there for more than the standard time to pick up or drop off you will have to move or get ticketed. Any cars parked in no parking/standing areas will be ticketed or even towed at the owners expense per Wixom Police.

Please know we are not trying to inconvenience anyone, this is for the safety of everyone as we have had some close calls with cars not seeing pedestrians, including small children. Also in the event of an emergency Police / Fire need to have immediate access to the building.

Thank you for all your patronage and support!
We look forward to seeing you!

Total Sports Complex
30990 S Wixom Rd
Wixom MI 48393

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