Total Lacrosse — FAQs



What Equipment is Required?

Girls – Stick, Rubber Mouth Guard, Protective Eye Goggles

Boys – Stick, Helmet with Cage, Rubber Mouth Guard, Gloves, Protective Cup, Chest/Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads

HS Levels need all equipment to be NCAA Lacrosse approved

How do I Know if My Child Should be in the Regular or Advanced Class?

Some of the age groupings offer a “regular” and an “advanced” class/team. The regular class, is best suited for kids who are new to the sport and just beginning OR who have some (one to two years) experience. In comparison, the advanced classes/teams are better suited for kids who have 2+ years of lacrosse under their belt. If you are unsure of the best fit for your child, contact coach Hicks at

What are the Levels of Summer Girls Lacrosse?

There are two levels for girls lacrosse, Girls and Girls Experienced.
Girls: 3rd – 8th grade with skill levels ranging from beginner to experienced
Girls Experienced: high school and college (high school beginners email coach Dwayne Hicks)

How do I Know What Team My Child is on?

Once teams are determined, a computer generated e-mail will be sent out with your team indicated in the subject line. You will also be able to log into your MySam account at that time and see the team under the child’s name.

Please note, high school level teams are determined by school districts so please let us know which school your child attends when registering.

If My Child Cannot Attend the Assigned Team Time for This Week, Can They Attend Another Time?

Due to limited availability, players are unable to attend any time other than their scheduled time each week.

What is Your Refund Policy?

There are no refunds allowed – a credit may be kept on file for a later date

My Child is in 2nd Grade, Can They Register for the 3RD & 4TH Grade LAX?

Yes, but you must receive approval from coach Dwayne Hicks.

For Carpooling Purposes, Can My Child be on the Same Team as a Friend That Attends a Different School?

Yes, just make sure to let us know upon registration. If you register online, there is a comments section where you can put that information as well.

Do I have to have a Membership and Waiver?

Yes, both the membership and waiver are required to participate in any of our programs at Total Sports. The membership is only $15 per individual or $30 for a family, and are valid for a full year.

The waivers are done electronically through MySam and remain on file until the child is 18yrs.

What is the Total Sports Membership?

The membership is required by all participants to sign up for any of our leagues, camps, and clinics. This annual membership is what helps with maintenance and improvements that keep the facility as state of the art as possible.