Off Season Preparation

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Off-Season Preparation

          Here we are coming up on 2014. By all intents and purposes it is the off-season.  But don’t tell that to major leagues front offices, who’s off season blueprints have been well on their way toward taking shape. Don’t tell that to the coaching staff, who begin to work diligently to improve upon last season. Definitely do not tell that to the players, who may lounge for a week, or a month at most. Then they are back in the weight room and cages working harder and smarter than last year.

Most certainly don’t tell that to the folks at Total Baseball. With our Farmington location up and running, we will be more active than ever before! We are filling our winter leagues, classes, camps and clinics fast. Do not get lost in the shuffle. Each year kids start earlier to ramp off their off season preparations. To achieve the quickest results, our individual lessons are a great way to go. Be sure to check out our upcoming camps and clinics to make sure your child is ahead of the curve while the snow covers the field.

Upcoming Total Baseball camps and clinics:

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