Preparing for Travel Baseball with Private Lessons

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Preparing for Travel Baseball with Private Lessons

With summer moving into its final months (yes, we hate to say that), it’s time to start thinking about fall travel baseball. Some athletes might luck out and have tryouts at the end of July when their season is winding down, but others may have to wait until mid-August and be at a disadvantage of getting a bit rusty at the wrong time. If you find yourself in the latter grouping, individual lessons through Total Baseball are a great way to keep your momentum going and be ready for tryouts.

While a players training regimen year round should include individual lessons, they are key to helping prepare players for the demands of travel season; especially if they are new to travel baseball and unaccustomed to the number and intensity of practices, particularly compared to league play.

Each of Total Baseball’s instructors are former collegiate and/or professional players who know from experience what it takes as a player. Many of them are also former scouts and/or current coaches, so they have an intimate knowledge of what coaches look for in potential players. Although most of the Total Baseball trainers are equipped and qualified to work with players on every facet of the game, instructors specialize in specific areas and positions that match player needs.

When you are part of a team, practices and drills are designed for the group. While some aspects of the game are best learned in a group setting, most athletes learn better and retain more from one-on-one instruction. In addition to at home exercises suggested by the instructors, private lessons allow players to develop individual strengths, improve weaknesses, and see quicker results through individualized coaching and skill-appropriate drills.

Seeing improvement in their game is the biggest source of motivation for each training session, often coming in for lessons excited to talk to their instructors about how they did in practice or a big play they made in their last game.

Although a couple of weeks after the season may not seem like a long time, baseball is a repetitive sport and sitting around for even a week can be detrimental to your game.

Sure, working on mechanics is an important aspect to private instruction but the greatest benefit to one-on-one time is learning the “whys.” Why doing x leads to y (good or bad). Why they (the player) are being taught a certain way. Why the player has seen certain trends or weaknesses in their game.

When it comes to individual lessons, Total Baseball instructor Eric Steplitus recommends once per week while in season and two to three times per week during the off season to stay sharp.

Total Baseball currently offers lessons Monday – Friday from 9:00am-7:00pm with one to five lesson packages available. Call Total Baseball for more information.

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