Total Soccer Wixom — FAQs



How do I register my Team?

To register your team you need to hold the spot with a $300 deposit, the deposit can be paid by Check, Cash, Visa, or Master card. There are many ways to register you can do it online, call 248-669-9817, mail it in, or stop by our office during normal business hours.

You can register at any of our Total Sports Locations! Just specify where you want to play!

See coaches/managers page.

When is my Team Balance due?

We request that all fees are paid by the start of the second game. Managers may also opt to have a valid credit card on file with a payment agreement filled out in order to continue with the session.

Total Sports accepts VISA, Mastercard or Discover, check, cash, or money order. Make checks payable to Total Sports or Total Soccer. We can no longer accept endorsed checks. A valid name and address must be on the check.

When is my Roster and Waiver Forms Due?

A roster form is required upon team registration. Teams that play in multiple sessions will still be required to submit a new team roster prior to the start of each session. Roster forms can be picked up at the Total Soccer office, or downloaded from the site.

All players MUST also have a waiver on file before they will be permitted to participate in activities. Please check out our “waiver information” page for instructions on submitting your electronic waiver. No paper waiver is required once an electronic waiver has been recorded on file.

If I need a reschedule who do I contact?

Please stop by our office and fill out a rescheduling request form or email Dave York at .

If my team can not play during a certain point in the session how do I let you know?

When registering your team please fill out a scheduling request form including specific days and times. Total Sports does not guarantee that all requests will be honored.

How do I get into MySam?

For new members, click here to register!
Please fill out all of the information on the roster form including your email address and birth-date so you can be properly entered into the database. Once in the system, you need to go to the MySam page and request a password, or call 248-669-9817 for assistance.

I can not get into MySam.

Please email us at  and we can get you all set and make sure that your email is spelled correctly and can send you a new password, or call 248-669-9817 for assistance.

I have logged in to MySam but my family does not show up.

Please email us at and let us know what family members need to be added to your account so that you can get all of your game reminders for each child, or call 248-669-9817 for assistance.

I see my schedule online, can I print it and give to my team?

No because that schedules is not final until your first game. If you see your schedule and have a problem with a game please email one week prior to your first game.