Total Baseball’s Trading Post

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Total Baseball’s Trading Post

In late July of this year, Total Baseball introduced a baseball trading card and sticker trading table. A suggestion of Baseball Director Aaron Knieper’s son, the premise follows that of traditional trading card practice of “give one, take one” without directly dealing with another card owner. Located upstairs at Total Sports Complex in Wixom in the Total Baseball office, there is no limit to how often you can trade.

In the late 1860s when baseball was growing in popularity and became a professional sport, trade cards (cards companies handed out to clients and prospective customers to promote their products) began to feature baseball players. By 1868 Peck and Snyder, a sporting goods company that sold baseball equipment, began making trade cards showcasing baseball teams. Then in 1921 Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago, which produced novelty cards to be sold in vending machines for a penny (not sold as sets) started releasing cards with statistics and other biographical information.

It wasn’t until between the 1930s and 1960s that baseball cards transitioned from trade cards found in packs of bubble gum and other products to their own product, officially becoming trading cards (Goudey Gum Company of Boston were the first to put baseball cards in bubble gum in 1933).

Today, in an effort to stay current with technology and an increasingly digital society, companies like The Topps Company Inc. (formerly Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. whose owner and founder Sy Berger is credited with creating the first true modern baseball card set in 1952) create digital trading cards that exist exclusively online or as a digital counterpart of a physical card as well as virtual trading spaces.

While the value of a trading card can only truly be based on what someone is willing to pay, it is largely based on the card’s condition, the popularity of the card’s subject (player), and the scarcity of the card.

Trading baseball cards has become a widely popular hobby over the years, so whether you are just starting out or an enthusiast, be sure to check out Total Baseball’s trading table during your next visit to Total Sports!

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