Total Performance, world-class performance training right here in S.E. Michigan

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Total Performance, world-class performance training right here in S.E. Michigan

Joining forces with Total Sports Complex in August 2002, strength and conditioning expert Jim Kielbaso and his team of certified trainers at Total Performance Training Center (TPTC) have been helping athletes (youth to professional) improve their game for the last twelve years. Offering programs for speed and agility, performance training for most any sport (football, hockey, baseball/softball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, track & field, tennis, and basketball), ACL Return to Play, neck injury & concussion prevention, as well vision training, Total Performance is the premier athlete training facility in Michigan.

No matter the age or level of play, Total Performance athletes will be given a pre-test on their first day to determine their individual starting point which will allow the trainers to develop a personalized program to help that athlete achieve their goals. On the last day of the program, a post-test will be administered to show just how far the athlete has come!

Their scientific training methods help athletes at all levels of play (work with athletes as young as 8 years old), in team and individual training formats, work towards maximizing their potential. While each athlete’s program is individualized, each athlete’s training program is planned to include a combination of incline treadmill work, plyometrics, multi-directional agility, mechanics instruction, acceleration and strength training.

People often wonder how Total Performance programs are different from what can be gained at camps. The answer is simple. While camps are important, as they teach specific skills for your sport, Total Performance programs focus on building speed, strength, jumping ability, power, and overall conditioning. You get one-on-one time with professionals every session, over 6 weeks to absorb and practice what you’re learning, over 30 hours of training, and unlimited use of the Total Performance facility for the duration of your program.

Compared to other conditioning programs, the conditioning program at Total Performance is the only one of its kind in the world. The protocols used by TPTC were scientifically developed, tested, and researched with input from exercise physiologists, orthopedic physicians, athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists and many others.

Throughout an athlete’s program, they will notice improvement in athleticism, sprinting mechanics, stamina, increased speed, decrease in recovery time, decrease in likelihood to sustain a sports related injury, increase in vertical jump, and most importantly improved confidence.

From the countless youth athletes, to college, professional, and Olympic competitors Total Performance has trained over 10,000 athletes worldwide.

With facilities in Wixom and Rochester Hills, Total Performance is where athletes that give 110%, get that extra 10%.

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