Total Performance — Hockey Training





·Hockey players can train specifically the way they play the game – wearing their skates!

·Millions of dollars have been poured into research and development for this program to guarantee the most scientifically sound and results-oriented training possible.

·With the use of the Skating Treadmill and video analysis, the training center staff can analyze a skater’s mechanics and correct general skating flaws.

·Unique benefits of the Hockey Program include:


Maximize skating power

Optimizing the skater’s body awareness

Dynamic sprint speed improvement

Overall conditioning

Specific training to the lower abdomen and groin regions

Improved body composition


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·Most programs are geared toward training three days a week to maximize the effectiveness of the coaching and training protocols.

·Programs details are described on the reverse side.

·This is individualized sports performance training using the best trainers, equipment, facilities and protocols available anywhere. There can be up to five people training/hour but only one athlete works at a time.

·In a typical program, two days per week are on the Hockey Treadmill working on skating power and mechanics using short, intense skating sprints between 4 and 30 sec. The third training day of the week focuses on plyometrics, power, and quickness. We use scientifically proven plyometric drills to enhance starting, stopping, and change of direction to give the athlete optimal quickness.htmincline2

·We are able to teach proper skating mechanics in a unique way that will help the athletes for the rest of their life. The speed development is done on our inclined treadmill where the athletes perform short bouts of exercise that replicate the energy requirements of sport. Our experienced coaches are able to correct the athletes form easily because we are able to see all angles of the athlete and give immediate corrective feedback.

·Scheduling is flexible; you pick your days and times. Optimally, you want a day between sessions to fully recover from training. It is best to schedule in advanced to make sure you get the days and times you want. For the 10 and 20 session programs, there is a 10 week limit to finish your program which allows extra time in case of illness, vacations, etc.synthetic ice

·Sessions last about 1½ hours including the strength training workout. Strength training programs are developed for each athlete after the Pre Evaluation, and are given to the athlete as “homework”. Athletes are personally walked through their first two days of weight training and are thereafter supervised from a distance and guided by our Electric Coach software system. Trainers are always available for questions and feedback. The strength training program is FREE – it is a complimentary addition to the program.

In the game of hockey, skating is everything!