If My Child is Signed up at Novi and I want to Sign Them Up for a Program at Wixom, do I Need to Purchase Another Membership?

No, the Total Sports membership is valid at all three (3) of our facilities and remains valid for an entire year.

What are the Hours for the Batting Cages? And How Much do They Cost?

The batting cages are generally open from 9am – 9pm, however hours are subject to change based on building hours. The machines are token based: $2/token, 3 tokens/$5, 6 tokens/$10 and each token is 20 (twenty) pitches. Tokens may be purchased upstairs from the token machine which accepts $5s, $10s, and $20s or from the baseball and softball offices.

Where are the Baseball/Softball Fields Located?

The baseball/softball fields are located behind our inflated domes. To access them, park in the north-side parking lot then walk past the domes.

How do I Access the Dome Fields if I am Unable to go Up and Down the Stairs in the Tunnel?

If you or a family member are unable to go up and down the tunnel stairs, you are able to call the front office about 5 minutes prior to your arrival at Total Sports and a staff member will direct you to and meet you by the dome airlocks for entry.

What Types of Payment are Accepted by Total Sports?

We accept cash, credit (Visa/Master Card/ or Discover), or checks made out to Total Sports Complex.

Are the Fields Available for Drop In?

Yes. Fields are generally available for drop in Monday – Friday before 5pm, for $10/person per hour.

Does Total Sports have a Lost and Found?

Yes. There is a lost and found bin at the Wixom location between the bathroom hallway and entrance to the tunnel for found clothing (Jags clothing is often kept in the Jags office) …. At TSC Novi- East there is a bin located by the snack bar.

Balls and more valuable things are kept in the main offices.