Total Sports Shop, continuing legacy of Saline Sports Shack

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Total Sports in the News

Check out this great article about the Total Sports Shop in Saline! In December of 2013, Total Sports bought the Saline Sports Shack located on Michigan Ave.


By Austen Smith
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New owners continuing, honoring legacy of the Saline Sports Shack

Roy Palmeri never worked as a teacher, even though he had a teaching degree.

But make no mistake, Palmeri guided many young men and women throughout his 35 years owning and operating the Saline Sports Shack at 435 E. Michigan Avenue.

The longtime local resident has been a part of an extended sports family as he helped generations of young athletes not only with gloves and bats – but with mentoring and a big heart.

It all started when Palmeri and partners Roger Cox and David Mezger met at St. Joseph Hospital in Saline and bonded over sports. The three decided to rent a space and start a sporting goods outfitter: That was in 1979 and the Saline Sports Shack blossomed into much more than a sports retail store.

“We all had kids in Saline schools…they all graduated from SHS, and we just loved the community. It was a good place to raise a family, and they got a great school over there,” says Palmeri.

But after more than three decades and unwilling to invest more money into the store, Palmeri and Mezger started thinking about retirement.

“We were getting tired,” says Palmeri. “We were looking to get out, we’re not young spring chickens anymore. It was time to get out and let the new young guys take over.”

Enter Total Sports.

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