TRH Summer Roller Hockey Info!

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Attention! We are now accepting registrations for our 2014 summer roller hockey session

Leagues we offer:

Foil Monday, Gold Monday, Copper Tuesday, 30+ Wednesday, Tin Thursday, Foil Thursday, 30 + Sunday, Iron Sunday, Bronze Sunday, Foil Sunday

The format for this session is as follows:

Adult open team:

Price: $1,000 if Paid in full by game 3; other wise price is $1,150

Season games: 8

Practices: 3

Playoffs: 1 minimum game. Potentially more.

Adult Individual:

Prices: $150.00

Season games: 8

Team practices: 3

Playoffs: 1 Minimum game. Potentially more.



Please Email for any questions as well as to get you and or your team signed up!

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