TSC Facilities Receive Facelifts

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TSC Facilities Receive Facelifts

The indoor soccer season is just two weeks away and for those who have not been inside of any of the three current Total Sports Complex locations since last spring, you will notice a few changes!

One of the biggest improvements is the LED lighting for two of the 11v11 fields (Old Trafford and Wembley) at Wixom. The fields are so much brighter and those who have played since installation was completed, love the change. In addition to being nice and bright, LED bulbs are also more energy efficient, ecologically friendly (they’re free of toxic chemicals like e.g mercury), last longer than conventional fluorescent bulbs, and produce little infrared light and close to no UV emissions. They also turn on right away!

Another big addition at the Wixom facility, The Total Sports Shop is moving downstairs at Wixom! The store currently located upstairs, will become a meeting area for coaches to meet with Sports Shop managers.They are primarily a complete team supplier (team uniforms, etc.) for all sports, however the shop will have basic need items such as baseball/softball gloves, bats, soccer balls, shoes, socks, shin guards, etc.

Customers will also notice new tables/chairs in the seating and snack bar area at Wixom that have a cafe style look and feel. Both the snack bar and grill are also offering new food items, including more health conscious options, like the Total Performance Menu in the grill!

Total Sports Complex – Novi East (also referred to as Total Soccer Novi, where the 6v6 boarded fields are located) is also undergoing a few minor facelifts including new facility managers Mike Maciolek and Ryan Noyes. The concession area is being updated, the octagon area will be outfitted with bar stools/ charging stations/ TVs, and additional tables and chairs will be placed between the fields.

Customers visiting Total Roller Hockey will have a new and welcoming cafe & seating area to lounge in before/between their games. They will also have access to WiFi, free of charge!

And Total Sports Farmington is adding a parking lot on the north side of the building, which will add approximately 30 parking spaces, as well as a paved drive between the back parking lot and the Farmington Glen Aquatic Club.

Total Sports is growing and improving, and looks forward to seeing you all soon!

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