Youth Soccer Registration: Things to Remember

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Youth Soccer Registration: Things to Remember

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Indoor soccer registration is just around the corner, August 1st to be exact. So as you prepare, here are a few tips and details for new and seasoned managers alike to keep in mind when registering your teams!

1. Register for your priority session first. – Registration for all three sessions for Wixom, Novi, Farmington and Monroe opens August 1st, so if you want your team to participate in two sessions but coach says Session X is more important than Session Y, get that registration done first. This is especially true if Session 2 is your priority session. If you are able to complete both registrations at the same time, even better! Keep in mind that 2nd Session went on a wait-list Sept. 15, one month after registration began.
*Remember, if you are playing 11v11 your team may have games at the Eastern Michigan University or Oakland University dome fields and 6v6 non-boarded teams
may have games at Total Sports Complex – Farmington.

2. Have the deposit for all sessions you’re registering for ready. – When registering your team(s) a $300 deposit per team, per session, is required to complete your registration and secure your team’s spot. There is an online registration form you can fill out, however this simply lets the Total Soccer staff know you are interested in signing up a team.
*Please keep this in mind when considering mailing a check, especially as it pertains to a wait-list. While this is an option, your spot is NOT held and your team is not
put into the computer until the check is received.

3. Know past and present coaches and managers. – Many teams go through coaching and managerial changes between the end of indoor and the start of outdoor season. To help ensure the correct team gets registered, know who coached and managed the team the previous indoor season as well as who will hold those positions for the coming season.
*Similarly, let our staff know if your team has played with Total Soccer previously but the name changed, even if there have been a few roster changes.

4. Turn in complete rosters. – Whether it’s your team’s outdoor roster or the roster provided on the Total Sports Complex website on the Coaches/Managers Information page, as long as it contains all the needed information, any format will work. The rosters purpose is three-fold.
1) So we have correct information and put the right players on the right teams (there are a lot of name doubles). That being said, if all information has changed
please provide the previous parent e-mail address used on the player MySam account, this helps prevent creating duplicate accounts.
2) For parents/players to view the full schedule, standings, and receive game reminders via e-mail (or text). If a parent is logged into MySam where the schedules
are posted, they will be unable to view the schedule unless their player is attached to the current roster.
3) To make sure players have everything needed for the season (waivers and memberships). Rosters also allow the Total Sports staff to let managers know who on
their team still owes for their portion of the team fee (if having families pay individually).

5. Memberships are required for all participants at Total Sports Complex. – When talking to your team parents, make sure to inform them of the membership and that this fee is separate from the team fee, is NOT covered by the club, and is separate from any club dues. While the memberships do help keep pricing down, they also help with continued improvements throughout our facilities as well as provide members with various discounts at businesses around the facilities (these deals are sent to those with valid memberships in a monthly Membership Newsletter).
*Coaches and Managers do not need the Total Sports Membership unless they play in the adult leagues. If you choose to register your team through MySam, unless
you yourself have a membership, you will have to register the team under your child’s name – the system will not let you complete the transaction without a valid

6. Scheduling requests are accepted but nothing can be guaranteed. – One of the many reasons teams return to Total Soccer each season is the effort made to accommodate scheduling conflicts. With many coaches coaching multiple teams and some teams traveling from across the state, every effort is made however it is important to remember not every request can be met. The contact information for scheduling requests for each facility can be found on the Coaches/Managers Information page on the Total Soccer Wixom section of the Total Sports Complex website.

Keeping each of these in mind when registering and talking with your players’ parents, will help make the registration process and the session run smoothly. Call any of the Total Soccer locations with any questions.

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