Oakland University

photo 2Total Sports Complex has expanded to the Rochester area in a unique partnership with Oakland University and the OU Athletic Dome. The 108,000 sq ft dome houses a 310′ x 240′ field, a 180′ x 90′ field, and training space with a batting cage. This state-of-the-art-facility provides the perfect opportunity for Total Soccer, Total Baseball and Total Softball groups to excel at their game all year long!


  • Parents and spectators: We do not provide seating in the dome. For your comfort, please bring camping or folding chairs.
  • CONSTRUCTION: University Drive from Cross Creek to Opdyke Road is closed. Exits to University Drive off I-75 have intermittent closures. Alternative route M-59 to Squirrel Road.

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Oakland University Campus Map

The Oakland Center: Food and OU gear on campus.

Oakland University Athletic Dome

887 Pioneer Dr, Rochester, Michigan 48309